Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oregon or Bust 3rd Posting

We love to hike through the woods and on this trip we found nice walking trails.  The children loved exploring off the path views.
My Drew boy

My Dylan. Such wonderful trees to climb on.

Yea  Papa time. But Alexander is GiGi's boy and he will tell you so.

See that beautiful red hair. Victoria is a beauty
Proud of our military hero,

Flowers for mom.
Sweet Caroline

Finding beauty in all of God's creation.  
Delicate flowers

Loved  the beautiful trees  and ferns

Leaves for little creatures to live under.

Flowers vine hanging from the trees.

   Most beautiful of all -- my grands.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oregon or Bust 2nd posting

Our hotel was at the foot of this bridge over the Columbia River.  On the other side is the state of Washington.  We had beautiful views of the river and was able to watch the cargo vessels come up river and go out to sea again. It was interesting to me to see the first Custom House on the west coast. Established in 1852.
First Customhouse on the west coast

Restoration information on the Customhouse

Near our hotel is a memorial for seamen who have been lost at sea.  It was granite walls with the name and dates of those lost.  Some had poems This is one of them.

 A trolley came by our hotel.  You could ride for $1.00 a trip or $2.00 a day.  It was a nice ride and the neat thing is that to turn around, the car didn't turn,  all you did was lift your seat to face the opposite direction.

 Waiting on the trolley

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oregon or Bust

At the first of July, we made an unplanned but much needed vacation  trip to Astoria, Oregon.  It was one of  the best vacations ever.and we were able to spend it with the family. So since i am not as good at this blogging thing as my daughter or my sister-in-law, this blog will be a bunch of pictures and maybe a few comments.  I have not learned how to manipulate blogger pics  so some of the pics may be out of order in sequence.

Savannah airport. Our journey begins.
Excitement filled the air that morning.  Here is Glenn and Dylan before going through security.   Guess who had to give up a banned security item.   He emptied his bag and didn't know the army Swiss knife was still in his bag.  Sorry he had to give it up.  The knife was given to him about 6 years ago.  Needless to say it was an embarrassing moment.  (And I do work for Homeland Security) Duh. Glad I didn't use my credentials as identification.   
Leaving Savannah.  Beautiful Sunrise
Atlanta airport. Here the boys are viewing our airplane. Drew was ok on the first leg of the flight but not to keen on the flight from Atlanta.  However, once on in the air, he did fine.   
Coming into Portland, OR. 

After getting through Portland and driving to Astoria,  we of course crossed the Columbia river.  Here is a logging business near the bridge.  Huge logs awaiting shipment to parts unknown.  I would imagine some  are exported to Korea, Japan and maybe some European countries; of course most stay here.  Hey Carmen, wonder if your log house is among these logs.

Well this is my first posting of our journey. (Still learning blogger)