Monday, August 30, 2010

Final Oregon Vacation Posting

This is the final posting of our Oregon vacation. Days and weeks have past but the memories of our Oregon vacation will last for a life time...

Here are pics of  memories made....
Always smiling
Exploring old books
Sweet little red head

Becoming Junior Rangers

Pool time fun

Ever learning

Sweet little darling and PaPa

View from our flight leaving Portland.

Our trip to Oregon is one to remember for a long time.  We had a great time with the family

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oregon or Bust 5th posting

We had the priveledge of visiting the ocean and drove along the beach for a little ways.  We decided to get out and stroll along the shore. What a fun time with the family.  The trip to Oregon was filled with some fun adventures.
Pacific Ocean
                            (Now I have seen both coast)

We couldn't resist burying our toes in the sand.

ming upon an old ship wreck was an interesting discovery.  
Makes one wonder about the people aboard.  We actually did see some beautiful furniture
that was taken from this vessel in the Maritime Museum.

The children loved climbing and exploring the old ship.

"What do you mean, don't get wet"
Oops  too late
She couldn't resist wading in the water.

My Man

Looking out to sea.   Hmmm  what is he thinking?
Our Drew boy is always smiling.
(well most of the time) 
"Hi" or maybe "Bye"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oregon or Bust 4th Posting

While visiting Oregon, we crossed the Columbia River and visited the beautiful state of Washington.  On this day we had the opportunity of riding horses along the Pacific coastline.This was a treat for all.
This is me on Sunrise

My cowboy
Glenn aka Ramrod (his FCF name)

Dylan and Kelly with Drew

Head um up  Move um out
Dylan having a fun time on Jupiter
GiGi's boy...just ask him
Can't see her very well but Caroline fell asleep on her own live rocking horse

Out on to the soft sand and salty sea
Our very own cowgirl
Our beautiful redhead loves horses and that is an understatment!

Our "Nickle Pickle" riding along the shore

Now that is a future cowboy if I have ever seen one.

  She takes riding lessons and knows how to command a horse.
A nuzzel on the ear to say ...
Thanks for a good ride.

Great to spend fun times with cousins

Everyone had a fun day