Thursday, June 16, 2011


God Answers Prayers!

My sweet little Zada has been FOUND.  We are so very thankful!!  Some people may not believe that God cares about all aspects of our lives but He does.  He cares about what we care about.  God is so good and He answered our prayers.

Zada was missing going on four days. But thanks to FB friends and friends of friends, she was recognized and my daughter received a call.  Sure enough, it was our Zada that some people had fed and watered and was waiting for someone to claim her.

Our little sweet Boston Terrier is safe and sound and happy to be Home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Since we are traveling, we only brought two of our four Boston Terriers with us.  Now I wish we had brought all four.  We left Rico and Zada to keep each other company with my brother who is taking care of our house.  He is between jobs and so we are doing him a favor and he is doing us a favor by watching things at home.

Zada is known to escape and visit the neighborhood.  Somehow she got out of the fence and is lost from us.

She is such a sweet dog and was a source of comfort when my dad was dying.  She would sit in my lap and let me cry.

I pray we find her.  The weather is so very hot and little Boston Terriers cannot stand the heat, but I know miracles can happen.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day - June 19

Father's Day is June 19 -- I made a few cards but posted them on my other blog,

Can anyone tell me how to make a one word link for url's...simple please.  Thanks.

Have a fun Friday!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mini Cards and Mini Purse Card Holder

We are presently in Chandler, OK....I know.....not very far from OKC but my husband wants to attend the Oklahoma District Royal Ranger Pow Wow and the camp is not far from what do I do in my spare time....Craft of course.

My latest creations.

3" x 3" note cards
Mini Cards suitable to go along with a gift.
Mini purse box for holding the mini cards.

Holds the 5 mini cards and coordinating envelopes.
 Bazzill Basics Paper, Dotted Swiss

Embellishments from various companies.