Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Sharing a Card

I made this card a few weeks ago.
The colors are better coordinated than what the picture shows.


I have been working on other cards and I will be showing them later.  I find this little card crafting adventure relaxing but, since I am not really very creative, they don't come together so easy.  I wonder if all the other card crafters have the same problem, or do they know how a card will look before they start.  Mine tend to just evolve after much contemplating.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Boston Terrier Ava

Bostons Terriers love warmth so Ava has found her spot. She is draped over a small foot stool just high enough to feel the heat from the space heater beside my work space. No, I did not place her there.

Too cute.

She is sleeping!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blue Man Group

Phil, Chris and Matt

Back about 1987 the "original Blue Man" formed the group know as Blue Man Group. They performed at various venues around NYC and in 1991 opened the show "Tubes" at the Astor Place Theater.  The original Blue Man performed all of the shows in the early years.  My mother made their first "jump suit type" costume.....why....because Phil is my brother.  And as they say.....the rest is history.

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the road show of Blue Man at the Fox Theater in Atlanta; compliments of my brother, Phil Stanton. I have seen the show in NY, Las Vegas and Orlando and all were a neat experience, especially when Phil (aka Bruce to the family) could attend. However, the show at the famous Fox Theater was a real treat. That theater is beautiful.  Here are a few pictures of the inside.  I apologize for the darkness of the pics and they certainly do not do justice to the beautiful architecture. I wish I had taken more pictures.

You can't see in the pic very well but there are stars in the ceiling,  giving you a feel of being under the night sky.

Borrowed pics

Never did I ever think I would see my baby brother's group in "lights"....

...nor at "the" Fox Theater

The show was so much fun and after the show the band and the three Blue Man takes pictures with the fans.

Many thanks to Phil.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kids Craft Leather Journal

Leather Journal

Carmen ask me to post the little leather journal I made at the Royal Ranger Commander's Conference I attended back in November.  I took several classes and one was kids leather craft.  Here is the little journal we made.

This is the finished product.  I traced (not stamped) the design using stensils of the feathers and the  Indian design at the bottom; then colored in the designs with sharpe pens. You can also use paint.  This particular grade of leather does not take a stamp well thus we traced the design.

These are the pieces to use, but before assembling the journal, finish the design of your choice.

Put both sides together and start lacing the yarn or shoe lace in this case.  Start from the back and wrap around both pieces.  I didn't leave myself enough at the top so if you want to add beads, leave long enough.

Continue lacing to the bottom and then lace up through the back (in between front and back).  Pull all the way to the top of the journal.

At the top, lace back through the back side of your journal.

Tie a knot, then add any beads you wish to use.

Fold regular typing paper in half.

Slip paper under the cord.

  Yea!!! Your done. 

 Extra paper can be added as needed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Embroidery for Valentine

Valentine Bibs

A client ask for some Valentine bibs.  There were so many designs to pick from, but these are the ones I choose.  Since she didn't specify exactly what she wanted, I hope she likes these.  I thought these designs would wash well because they are not too dense of a design.

Embroidery Day

It seems like it always happens that when I am to have a short week at home, I start getting embroidery orders.....oh....I'm not complaining, just an observation.

Yesterday evening  a client text me about some embroidery she needed and was to see me today, so I waited. 

Today I received an email about two other orders....yea...a few extra dollars coming my way.

I really didn't get much accomplished today because I was searching my computer for a particular design that was requested.  I searched most of the day while stitching out the other requested items.  I finally found the design.  I had downloaded the design from Embroidery Library.  Thank goodness they keep a history of the designs I have downloaded from now the order is complete.

True to form.....I received a facebook msg for another order....yea....but I only have until Wednesday.
The missing design

R in Baseball font

Bib and Diaper Burp

Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Baby

A client ask me to embroider a blanket for her grandchild.  The baby is not here yet but they know it is a girl.  I thought I would add a little something to the order.  I love using the Lacy Girl font  (can't remember the digitizers name) and Monogram Wizard's Party Time font, so I put it on a diaper longways to use as a burp cloth.

Now I guess I should try to make a card to go along with it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trying to Get Organized

Carmen has a 52 project challenge to get is my project.....1 not 52 ha ha.

My PR600 embroidery machine and my computer dedicated just for embroidery designs.   I can send designs straight to the machine from the computer.  Thread rack is only half of the spools. 

Organized bin system sits on an old desk.

Cricut and ribbon rack sits on the right side.

This space, on the other side of the desk,  is dedicated for my new endeavor of card making.  Also, the other half of my embroidery threads. The thread racks are hung on the back side of two bookshelfs.  My other sewing machines are stored on the shelves of one and more embroidery thread on large spools are stored on the other bookshelf.


Friday, January 14, 2011


This card started out a "Think Spring" card. Can you tell I am tired of cold weather!! However, I never could get it to come together with the wording, but I did have a "Hope" stamp. Then I thought it needed something else and I thought about tying a ribbon around the tree but I had already glued the tree down. After that, it took an all different meaning. We have the military in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It has been so unusually cold here in the South.  My little Boston Terriers love warm weather.  Today two of my fur babies are sharing a small pillow in front of a small space heater near my work station. It is not quite big enough for one much less two, but they are making it work.....sharing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing with paper has a relaxing effect 

Today's card -

Wishing you Joy

Monday, January 10, 2011


Today's card making project was used from the Pagoda cartridge. I picked up the cartridge from Michael's on sale $9.99.   $69.99 is certainly a big mark-up.  I don't think I could get away with marking up my embroidery that much.

The patterned paper is from Premium Stacks,  Latte matstack. The background paper is from Recollections cardstock.  I added a little Star Dust stickles and a silver bead from Recollections Pearl Stickers. I stamped "Peace" using Stampabilities Silver.

I need to learn how to take pictures without shadows.  The colors are prettier than photo reveals and match.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Cards

I am having fun with the cricut.  I am also learning from mistakes......

Recent cards
Matching envelope made with Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge
Flower made from a flower punch.

Made using a "mistake" cricut cutting from Wild Card cartridge. Card opens in the middle.
K&Company Designer Paper and K&Company "Brenda Walton" Grand Adhesions embellishment.

Matching envelope - Cricut Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge.
Don't remember the name of the paper. I have had it for
a long time.  Added ribbon and a cricut design flower and brad.

The card stock is from K&Company. This is from Designer Paper "Live's Journey".
 The two sided design paper is beautiful on both sides.
  I also like K&Company embellishments.
 Used a lacy punch, cricut design from Lacy Labels (WalMart),
 and Sea Glass -  K&Company embellishment.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday


Oh Happy Day
(camping trip) 

First greeting to baby sister

Big Helper

She LOVES horses

Exploring suken ship

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cricut Expressions

I recently acquired a almost new Cricut Expressions machine with accessories and cartridges.  I have been watching videos on YouTube from MyPinkStamper.  I have learned a lot....

Here are the first cards I have made. Obviously, I am not very creative, but it is fun and relaxing.

The following card is for my sweet granddaughter.  Her 7th birthday is Jan 6th.  Her name is on the front side of the card  but I am only showing the inside of the card.  She loves horses.