Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sights of Treasure Island, FL, St. Pete and Tampa Bay

Beautiful sights of the Florida Gulf Coast


Monday, November 15, 2010

Southeast Royal Ranger Commander's Conference


My husband, Glenn, is a Royal Ranger Commander and we attended the yearly Royal Ranger Commander's Conference held in St. Petersburg, FL this year. Since I am now retired I was able to go with him and we spent a few extra days in the St. Pete area. This year we decided to take the camper.

Here is a picture of our "hotel on wheels," as my husband says. This picture was taken at Silver River State Park near Ocala, FL. We put in an application to camp host at this park. It is a beautiful park with large sites.

Glenn was ask to teach a dutch oven cooking class. Since he only had an hour class, he was limited on what he cooked for the class, so this year he made our grandkids favorite pizzas.
He also prepared a peach and pineapple cobbler.

Usually he prepares a meal, but then again, he normally has a two hour class.

Glenn is a man of many talents, he has started making "lodges" or tents. In the Royal Ranger program there is Frontier Camping Fellowship. The men camp and dress pre 1840's style. Anyway, he was able to set up an example of the tents he makes. He has sold a few and has taken orders for a few more.

Others had booths set up too.

During the conference we had other classes. I went to two beading classes (no pic). Also, I went to a leather craft class. I sat in on a fur hat making class with Glenn. The whole purpose of this conference is to encourage and gain new skills. When you learn skills to pass on to young boys and learn to do what boys are interesed in, then you can have a well rounded program to reach boys for Christ. There were also leadership classes where the attendees learned more about the purpose of Royal Rangers....Reaching, Teaching and Keeping boys for Christ.

On Friday evening we had a Black tie banquet (NOT). Here are some wonderful friends.

We also had an auction after the banquet for missions. Many items were donated.

On Saturday night we had a dinner cruise.
It was a cool, clear evening and the lights of the bay was beautiful reflecting off the water.